4 essential tips while taking dogs for walks at night


Walking with pets is one of the most pleasurable moment for all most pet lovers and it will more great if your pet is s dog. All most every person who have a dog love to take a walk with their beloved at leisure time.

As most of us stay busy at daytime, nowadays people mostly prefer to outer with their dogs after the dark. It may be a great feeling to take an evening breath with your dog; there are several things that one must bear in consideration while taking dogs for the walk at night. As nighttime carries with it a team of dangers that can put you and your dog at risk, you must stay careful to such uncertain happenings.

Here are some suggestions one must go through while walking with dogs after dark. Such tips will help you to stay alert and safe during any mishaps. Take a look:

Tip 1# Use a strap

Sometimes animally behaves at such a level that is mostly beyond our expectation, especially in nights. So while taking dogs out in darkness, always remember to use a leash to keep him in your control. The eyes of dogs are much sharper than of human and they can see things more clearly in darkness than a human can. When you can’t notice a rabbit hiding in a shrub, a dog can quickly see it. So having a strap around his neck and handle in your hand, you can better control their behavior at night.

Tip 2# Never wear dark clothing

While taking dogs for the outing at night, always prefer to wear the light colored dress than of wearing a dark color. It will keep your pet recognize you easily in the darkness.

Tip 3# Use LED Collar

The collar is one the best thing to control your dogs. But nowadays, there are many designer collars available in the market which can make you recognize your dog at darkness easily. Using LED collars is the best solution for this. Most LED collars run on AAA batteries and can easily glide over your dog’s head. If in any unconscious situation, you dog rushes too far, then you can quickly find him with the lights. Most LED collars are also waterproof so you won’t have to be anxious if your dog goes for a snowy sway on a wintry weather or a douse in a lake or get wetted in rain.

Tip 4# Buy a Tracking Jacket

If your dog is so wicked and runs off so many times at night, using a tracking jacket for him will give you a better solution. While walking with your dog at night, if he slept with your hand, then by using the tracking system installed in his jacket, you can quickly locate him and bring him back to home. It will keep your dog safe from other mishaps too. Such tracking jackets are lightweight and also include a top ring for slinging a light.